DAAD fun­ded „A New Pas­sa­ge to India“ pro­gram bet­ween Leib­niz Uni­ver­si­ty Han­no­ver and IIT Indo­re

LUH part­nership with IIT Indo­re

Leib­niz Uni­ver­si­ty Han­no­ver is suc­cess­ful in get­ting a DAAD fun­ded pro­ject under the pro­gram „A New Pas­sa­ge to India“ for the peri­od of 2019-2023. The pro­ject is with IIT Indo­re, one of the newest Indian Insti­tu­te of Tech­no­lo­gy part­ne­ring with TU9 net­work. IIT Indo­re and LUH is having an active MoU with LUH from 2016. The fun­ding amount is around 398,000€ for 4 years. The pro­ject will be coor­di­na­ted and imple­men­ted by Inter­na­tio­nal Office, LUH. The suc­cess of this pro­ject very much fits to the India stra­te­gy of Inter­na­tio­na­li­sa­ti­on at LUH and Germany/Hannover stra­te­gy of IIT Indo­re. The pro­ject will focus on mobi­li­ty of stu­dents, rese­ar­chers, sum­mer schools, the­ma­tic rese­arch work­shops and joint pro­jec­ts in the field of Phy­siscs, Che­mi­stry, Envi­ron­men­tal Bio­tech­no­lo­gy and Com­pu­ta­tio­nal Sci­ence. The activi­ties will take place at both LUH and IIT Indo­re.

For con­tact and fur­ther details:

Dr. Bala Rama­ni, Inter­na­tio­nal Office


©HI / Dele­ga­ti­on from LUH visi­t­ing IIT Indo­re in April 2018



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