Sti­pen­di­en der mexi­ka­ni­schen Regie­rung für aus­län­di­sche Staats­bür­ger - 2018

Merit Awards for Inter­na­tio­nal Stu­dents | Becas de Exce­len­cia para Extran­je­ros

On behalf of the Minis­try of For­eign Affairs, the Mexi­can Agen­cy for Inter­na­tio­nal Deve­lop­ment Coope­ra­ti­on (AMEXCID) invi­tes for­eign citi­zens who are inte­rested in stu­dy­ing for a spe­cia­li­za­ti­on, master’s degree or doc­to­ra­te, con­duc­ting gra­dua­te or post­doc­to­ral rese­arch, or taking part in an under­gra­dua­te or gra­dua­te-level aca­de­mic mobi­li­ty pro­gram, to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the 2018 Mexi­can Government Scho­l­ar­ship Pro­gram for Inter­na­tio­nal Stu­dents.

The scho­l­ar­ships are offe­red to more than 180 coun­tries through a series of bila­te­ral con­ven­ti­ons, mul­ti­la­te­ral pro­grams and spe­cial agree­ments. More than 70 Mexi­can insti­tu­ti­ons par­ti­ci­pa­te and all offer aca­de­mic pro­grams regis­te­red with the Natio­nal Coun­cil for Sci­ence and Tech­no­lo­gy (CONACYT) as Natio­nal Qua­li­ty Gra­dua­te Pro­grams. The­se pro­grams demons­tra­te the pro­gress made by Mexi­co in the sci­en­ces and huma­nities. By offe­ring Mexi­can government scho­l­ar­ships for inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents, Mexi­co streng­t­hens its role as an actor with glo­bal respon­si­bi­li­ty and renews its com­mit­ment to coope­ra­ti­on pro­grams that help crea­te high­ly-skil­led human capi­tal. The pre­sence in Mexi­co of inter­na­tio­nal stu­dents, aca­de­mics and sci­en­tists helps build per­ma­nent brid­ges of dia­lo­gue that enrich the long-term for­eign poli­cy agen­da through con­tri­bu­ti­ons of excep­tio­nal value for the coun­try and its part­ners abroad. In addi­ti­on, the Mexi­can insti­tu­ti­ons and aca­de­mic com­mu­ni­ty bene­fit from the increa­sed inter­na­tio­na­li­za­ti­on.

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