Two new part­ner uni­ver­si­ties in Chi­le

Leib­niz Uni­ver­si­tät Han­no­ver has two new part­nerships in Chi­le: Uni­ver­sidad Aus­tral de Chi­le (UACh) in Val­di­via, and the Uni­ver­sidad Metro­po­li­ta­na de Cien­ci­as de la Edu­cación (UMCE) in San­tia­go de Chi­le. Both uni­ver­si­ties pro­vi­de with excel­lent chan­ces for LUH out­bound stu­dents. Whe­re­as the UACh has a lar­ge tra­di­ti­on wit­hin the Natu­ral Sci­en­ces tea­ching and rese­arch in Chi­le and won­der­ful natu­ral sur­roun­dings, the UMCE offers almost all are­as of stu­dy and disci­pli­ne com­bi­na­ti­ons for “Lehr­amt” stu­dent of LUH, sin­ce it is the only uni­ver­si­ty in Chi­le spe­cia­li­zed in Edu­ca­ti­on and Pedago­gics. It is also one of the two uni­ver­si­ties with a Depart­ment of Ger­man as a For­eign Lan­guage in Chi­le.  Are you rea­dy for an exchan­ge semes­ter in Chi­le? Plea­se con­tact: Rhi­na Colun­ge-Peters (

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